Give the Nike Fuelband street cred and visibility
in the multicultural market.


Working with Nike to promote the Fuelband to the multicultural community was the perfect project for Feel Rich. It aligned perfectly with our mission, and while it was right in our wheelhouse, doing anything for Nike is a tall order. Expectations are set extremely high, and we knew we had to bring our A-game.


In the tradition of Hip-Hop, we staged a concept around the “battle.” Instead of exchanging freestyle rap verses, we invited the Feel Rich our network to compete in the name of fitness. To see who could stack the most miles, or in Fuelband terms, who could “earn the most fuel.” We teamed up with Nike to sponsor the battle, where team wins were turned into donations for their chosen charities.

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the battle

Calling on some of the biggest names in hip-hop to battle over fitness, we picked 16 players and divided them into two teams to see who would would become the Nike Fuelband champions. The campaign and competition lasted 8 weeks and ended with the losing team putting on a free concert for the Boys and Girls Club of Miami. Over 25,000 consumers participated in the contest tweeting out their mileage against the celebrities and pre-signing up to order a Fuelband.

We called on some of our closest social media friends and celebrity influencers to participate. These guys were brave enough to show up: Paul Wall, Slim Thug, DJ Brandi Garcia, Julia Beverly, Bun B, Crystal Wall, DJ Trauma, Milton Harris, Dominic Cruz, and Dolores Concepcion Nore, Angela Yee, Fat Joe, Lil Sean, DJ KO, Timbo, Killa Mike, Minaya, Freddy P, and Boro.

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the results

  • 4 MINUTES For the product to sell out and crash
  • 25,000+ Consumer participation
  • 15,000,000+ Twitter impressions
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