Creating social buzz to increase text4baby enrollment


Not every new and expecting mom has access to the support and expert care they need. Text4baby is a free service that works via text to provide pregnant women and new moms with personalized messages, tips, and updates to help keep mom and baby healthy. To give this great service the hype it deserved, we tapped into our network of social media influencers and celebrity artists to help us execute our plan.

sweet lady

We created a lullaby contest in which one lucky mother received a personalized lullaby for her baby, written and recorded by R&B superstar, Tyrese Gibson and produced by Feel Rich’s own Quincy Jones III, who just also happens to be a 40x platinum, Grammy and Emmy Award winning producer.

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baby fever

To reach moms at a grassroots level, Feel Rich hosted a public “baby shower” in Houston, Texas. Put together in just two weeks, the event brought over 500 guests.

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To help us spread the word about text4baby and of course, the lullaby contest, Feel Rich called on actress Nia Long, rapper, Paul Wall, and fitness guru, Crystal Wall, to reach out to their social media followers.

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the results

  • 50% Increase in enrollment
  • 1,000,000+ YouTube views (and counting)
  • LARGEST Online pickup in the history of J&J

7 million
Twitter impressions
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